Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday in Vermont

You may or may not be able to tell but Instagram is now available on the Android and let me tell you, I am addicted. It's a mystery to me how that sandwich can look SO COOL when it's really just a sandwich. A delicious sandwich nonetheless but just a sandwich. Oh Instragram I love you and can't wait for a long and happy relationship together. Thank you for coming to the Android, I was beginning to feel a little left out.

Highlights from Vermont so far:

1. A run turned photo shoot by the lake when Drew and I realized our lungs were struggling in the cold and we'd much rather pose on the rocks and get weird looks from strangers as they walked by.

2. New running shoes that make me look like the FLASH (they are red and yellow and OH so comfortable). Hopefully they will make me run as fast as the FLASH as well. Only a few more weeks until the first of four half marathons I will be running this summer/fall. Who's idea was that again?

3. Spending quality time with my friend Katherine from camp who is currently working at My Little Cupcake and makes the tastiest tiny treats that I've had in a while. I may or may not have had three cupcakes and a cake pop. oops.

4. Eating yummy homemade burritos and watching We Bought A Zoo with Katie and Mike! What a great animal movie, I will admit I shed a tear or two throughout. Something about animals and Matt Damon just really tugs at the heart strings.

Happy Easter/Passover/MLB opening weekend everyone!

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