Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthdays Galore!

A VERY happy birthday to all these GREAT people who are celebrating their birthdays all over the world today!

Happy Birthday to a great friend, neighbor, scientist, and fruit enthusiast! Thank you for including me in your birthday celebrations this year, I look forward to many more sushi dinners and walks around the Pond (birthdays or not) in our future.

Happy Birthday to the greatest roommate, cribbage opponent, vegan, cyclist, adventurer, and cousin I could've asked to experience Boston with. Sorry I have class tonight and can't make you a vegan feast. We will have celebratory scotch when I get home!

A very happy birthday to the world's greatest traveler, master of mathematics, cousin, and story teller. I look forward to your return state-side, whenever that may be!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing chef, cousin, linguist, and Portland-ier I know! 
Have a great day and enjoy the extra 3 hours of birthday you get this year by living on the west coast (is that how it works?)!

And last but not least...

Happy birthday to the most easy going, funny, spontaneous, Kiswahili speaking woman I had the pleasure of laughing with for so many months. I hope you're having the best time in the Peace Corps and hopefully our paths will cross again sooner rather than later!

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