Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some butts and some gutts

Shirt: LOFT, Pants: J Crew (thrifted), Belt: Target, Bag: Anne Klein (TJ MAXX)

Guys, I am SORE. In an effort to switch up my workouts (I've been on the cardio, lifting, abs train for a few months and felt the need to add something new and challenging to my regimen) I decided to take advantage of the free classes at my gym and attended BUTTS & GUTTS on Tuesday followed by BOOT CAMP on Wednesday this week.

I had been to BUTTS & GUTTS before and knew what to expect but BOOT CAMP was quite a surprise. I expected lots of running in place and burpees, but what ensued was a vivid flashback to basketball practice in high school (suicides, jump shots, push ups, some more push ups, followed by some more push ups). At one point we were throwing imaginary footballs! Complete with pivots and drop steps. And then I was reminded exactly why I quit basketball in high school - because I hate suicides and jump shots (maybe because mine never went in). After leaving the class a big sweaty mess, I was really glad I stuck it out the whole time (the girl next to me actually left halfway through, after she spent the first half hour giggling and not doing much, but I try not to judge). I am really feeling it in my glutes this morning but will definitely be going back next week!

oh and HAPPY ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONALS week! Today I will be the best administrative professional I can be! Today I will answer the phone, and send faxes with purpose! And not just because our office is having celebratory burritos for lunch, but because that is how a great administrative professional does it! (I apologize for the extra exclamation points. Can you tell I am excited about the burritos?)

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