Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Thursday!

Dress: Gap, Shoes: Old Navy, Belt: LOFT, Watch: Gift

I've decided to do a little experiment. Recently I've been looking into my spending habits and realized that the majority of my money is spent on clothing, food, and half marathons. In an attempt to save some money up (for a vacation perhaps!) I've decided that for the remainder of April I will try, try, try my very hardest not to purchase any new articles of clothing, accessories, or shoes. I'll have to get the creative juices flowing for spring inspired outfits using the clothes already in my possession. I am definitely looking forward to the challenge!

In other news: some things that have brightened up the past few days.

- Getting a "great work" email from the most difficult to impress MD. Gave myself a pat on the back for that one!

- Deciding it is still acceptable to sleep in the same bed and stay up way later than usual chatting with best friends who come to visit. I hope I never get too old for sleepovers.

- Having someone walk by me and say "No stripes today?" It's not my fault that my motto these days seems to be "when in doubt, wear stripes."

- As a result of my coworker being out today I've officially declared today Listen to Lion King Radio Day. Simba's voice is really doing great things for my productivity.


  1. great choice!!! =) and good luck with it!

  2. happy thursday to you! you look gorgeous in stripes! xo

  3. Followed. If you would like, then maybe you'll visit me someday.

  4. I spend FAR too much of my money on clothes and food. I should really do the same challenge! And on a different note, I really like your black and white with the pops of red :)
    Happy weekend!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.