Sunday, April 22, 2012

Awkward Weekends

1. Getting locked out of your apartment for the THIRD time this month, and using not one, but two recycling bins to climb through the only unlocked window, in BROAD daylight, wearing bright red pants. 
"Oh don't mind me, I'm just trying to rob this apartment in the middle of the day only I forgot my disguise at home, keep on driving by, no honking necessary!"

2. When meeting children you've never babysat for the first time and the first thing they ask you is "Do you model bikinis!?" "What!? Huh!? Nice to meet your too, I can't wait to spend the next 24 hours with you!" 
(Apparently when asked how old I was, and if I was pretty their mom told them that I was a bikini model (jokingly of course), but I guess they didn't catch her sarcasm)

3. Giving directions to a lost tourist and only after a few minutes of small talk realizing that you were headed to the same place, and destined to spend the next 30 minutes learning a LOT about someone you are 99% sure you will never see again. 

4. Having a weekend full of blog-worthy events and the only photo to show for it all is this:

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