Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Runs


Saturday morning Drew and I ran a 5K to support The Horizons for Homeless Children. The race was the 3rd annual 5K put on by the organization, and happened to Start/Finish 5 minutes from our apartment. After we picked up our bibs and goodie bags (great T-shirts!) we had some extra time to drop off our bags and apply an extra layer of sunscreen!

The route took us along the Southwest Corridor with two hairpin turns at Jackson Square and Forest Hills. It was quite crowded for the first mile or so which made passing people hard (especially with all the strollers), but after a bit the field spread out and I was able to run a "comfortable" 5K pace. I say "comfortable" because I realized yesterday that I really do not enjoy the 5K distance as much as I like 10k's or half marathons. 3.1 miles is just too far to sprint the whole distance, and not far enough to really find that comfortable race pace. Instead it's more of a grit your teeth and feel really uncomfortable/awkward about your speed until suddenly the race is over. Luckily I accomplished the "comfortable being uncomfortable" side of running yesterday and finished in 25:40! 

We passed on the post-race party to go yard sale-ing up the street and came home with two new lunch boxes ($1 for both!),  a wooden hot plate, and new dish drying rack. Quite an exciting morning indeed. 


This morning we had our last long training run for the Keybank Vermont City Half Marathon which is just 7 days away!!! We took it slow and headed around the pond, through the Arboretum, up to the top of Peter's Hill (great views of the Boston skyline), and returned home via the same route. It took us just over 90 minutes with some water stops, and was ~ 9 - 10 miles. It was a beautiful morning and almost perfect running conditions. There has been just so much sunshine these days I just can't get enough!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to get outside and really enjoy this great weather we're having!

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