Friday, May 4, 2012

Race Weekend is HERE


Hip hip hooray! Another Friday has arrived! Which means there is a busy, busy weekend to come. 

This weekend I will be heading to Providence not once, but TWICE. How did I get so lucky you ask? Well, Drew and I are heading down on Saturday to pick up our race packets for our HALF MARATHON on Sunday. Race packets mean that we also get to peruse the fitness EXPO. A giant event full of shiny shoes, running tanks, and millions of packets of GU! What could be better????

We're opting to sleep in JP on Saturday night to save $$ on a hotel room in Providence, and to get a good nights sleep prior to the big race. Sleeping 45 minutes away means we will have to get up extra early on Sunday in order to make it BACK to Providence prior to start time at 8 am. Good thing we're early risers! 

United Healthcare Providence Half Marathon Goals:
1. Have fun
2. Run strong
3. Finish under 2:10
Ready go!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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