Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kinvara 2

They finally arrived! And they fit! 
I have read nothing but great reviews of these shoes so I decided to order myself a pair and see if the 4 mm heel to toe off-set is something I could get used to. 
I am nervous to change shoes this soon before my upcoming half marathon so I am waiting until after the race to really run in these shoes. Until then, I plan on wearing them around the house non stop. Is it frowned upon to sleep in running shoes? Even if I'm protecting myself from lightning?

In other news, Drew and I decided to join a running group! There are two groups that run in JP and we've been meaning to check them out but have always found some excuse not to (mostly because we are afraid we'd be the slow ones of the group and let's be honest - no one wants to be the one holding everyone back).
The group we went with tonight had a 3 mile loop around the pond planned and even if they were much faster than us, we decided that we could keep up for 3 miles, right? So despite the weather we ventured out in our most rain-tastic apparel and met up with 3 other runners just around the corner from our apartment. 

Everyone was really friendly and we even had enough breath to chat with the other runners for most of the run (I guess we are faster than we give ourselves credit for!)
We will definitely be going back.

Unfortunately I have acquired a HUGE blister on the side of my big toe. I keep staring at it hoping it will go away but have had no luck thus far. I will need to decide if I should pop it and let it heal before the race on Sunday, or leave it and hope it becomes a callus by Sunday. Neither option is that appealing to me so I will continue to pretend it doesn't exist for now. Blisters are the MOST annoying.

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