Tuesday, May 1, 2012


On days like today it is customary to say "Isn't it just so cubre out today?" ( pronounced Coo-bray)
Cubre is used to define days when the sun refuses to shine, there are clouds in the sky, it is raining, and often very chilly. It is derived from the name of a gentleman who thrived in such weather, a man whom we turn to for motivation and cheerfulness when all we want to do is curl up in bed with a good book.

Goals for May:
1. Run a Half Marathon in under 2 hours (for this I have two chances - this weekend ,and if I fail I have another scheduled for memorial day weekend in Vermont!)
2. Read 1 book that is not a textbook (I didn't read any in April so hopefully I can carve out time for at least one in May)
3. Floss everyday
4. Take the stairs at work at least once a day (8 flights just seems like too much work on some days!)
5. Join a running club
6. Have at least one POWER DAY a week (POWER DAYS = intense productivity. Getting all those things done that have been stuck on the To-Do list for weeks and not being distracted by the insane power of the internet)
7. Go to a Boston Red Sox game

Happy May everyone!

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