Wednesday, October 10, 2012


One of my favorite things about marathon training is all the new facts I am learning about myself, not only as a runner, but as an individual. For example (please excuse my TMI here) just how many places on my body can chafe during a long, rainy run. Or, how after a full weekend of racing, my legs felt A-MAZING for last night's run with the Forest Hills Runners - legs feeling fresh you say? Well then. Hill repeats it is!

Side note: I am actually astounded how well my legs have been recovering these days, I guess all these higher mileage weeks are paying off! 

However, probably the most exciting (and troublesome) thing I've learned about marathon training is just how hungry running 50 miles a week will make you (please see above photos for reference)! It seems that no matter how much I eat, I am still hungry. And not just hungry for carrot sticks or sliced peppers, but hungry for bagels, pasta, 3 egg omelets, muffins, cider donuts - you get the picture. It has definitely been a struggle finding a balance between supplying my body with more carbohydrates than usual while still maintaining a high intake of fruits and veggies - who knew marathon training would affect so many aspects of my life! 

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