Friday, October 5, 2012


Now that marathon training is in full swing, mid-week runs are now things like "9 miles with 4 x YASSO 800s" or "10 miles with 7 miles at marathon pace". You may be thinking something along the lines of "wellll Jamie, you DID sign up for a MARATHON, what did you expect?" And to that I say YES, I did realize that at some point I would be running over 10 miles on a weekday, however what I did not think about way back when (when I signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon) was what time I would be getting up in order to hit double digits before work multiple times a week.

Turns out, in order to fit in 9 miles including some glorious 800's on a Wednesday morning, I need to be out-the-door-and-running at 5 am. Out-the-door-and-running at 5 am means that the alarm goes off at 4:45, so yeah, you get the picture. It's a little more painful than I had imagined (and not just for my legs).

The good news is that I have a super enthusiastic running roommate who just happens to be following the same training plan I am (who also lets me take super cool pictures of her running in the dark). Also, I am a little too excited that my headlamp is getting lots of extra use these days (although I kind of wish it was because I was up too late reading the latest Harry Potter book under my covers, but alas, I am no longer 12 years old).

The last good news is that I love having another super enthusiastic running roommate who also gets up to see the sunrise most days of the week. AND he also lets me take pre-run photos of him before he's even really awake (although I don't think he realized I was actually taking a photo this morning, oops). What could be better than an apartment full of early rising runners? The answer - nothing.

Happy almost weekend.

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