Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some more from the weekend

Guys, I did it! I survived another trimester of organic chemistry! Two down, one to go (and not until after Labor Day)! After a tough week, I finally have time to focus on things other than benzene rings. What a relief!

After I stopped going for a moment I realized that it's already June 26. WHAT? When did that happen! Do not fear though, July holds some pretty excellent things as well.

Here's what I'm looking forward to in the upcoming weeks:
- A weekend in NYC with some of my favorite people.
- 4th of July in one of the best places on Earth.
-A stay-cation full of quality time with a very special visitor from Houston.
-Jamestown, RI Half Marathon (who's idea was it to start a race at 6:30 am!?).
-Boston Color Run.
-Official start of my Philadelphia Marathon Training!
- the OLYMPICS (anyone else addicted to watching the Olympic Trials? I may or may not be trying to decide which event I have the best chance of making the Olympics in. Dream big right?)

And here are a few more photos from this weekend. Mostly from that time we walked through Boston Common and it torrential down poured on us. Fun times.


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