Monday, June 4, 2012

Doing Life

Today I had a terrible case of the Mondays. I generally try to keep a positive attitude in life but today things really weren't going my way. After a very full day of work, followed by class (oh the joys of organic chemistry on Monday nights), and a delayed train I finally made it home and found myself feeling pretty defeated. 

Then I noticed something on the table. It was a package, and it was addressed to ME! Inside was just the thing to turn around a mediocre Monday - a Do Life tee!!! I had ordered myself this a few weeks ago from Ben and totally forgot about it until tonight! And on top of that, the new issue of Runner's World came today. It is as if the universe was screaming "Jamie, you MUST RUN NOW."

I immediately changed into my running shoes, put on my brand-spanking-new tee and headed outside to do life. Yes it was 9:30 pm, and yes I know that's not totally normal but I needed to end the day on a positive note and for some reason some 100 - meter sprints seemed liked the right answer. After just 13 minutes and 39 seconds of fast running I feel 100% better and am ready to tackle the week ahead! 
Thanks again Ben for the motivational mail (and killer stickers too!).


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