Saturday, June 30, 2012


After a painless bus ride I arrived in the (other) city around 11 pm last night. I showed up on Shipra's doorstep drenched in sweat (due to the humidity of course, not the fact that I was extremely overdressed). After some celebratory hugs and reunioning Shipra suggested we go get some Fro-Yo (which is always a yes in my book). We beelined for the nearest shop and desperately tried to finish our treats before they melted into Fro-Yo soup (we failed miserably). With our bellies content we headed to bed.

Not surprisingly I woke up way before my alarm and decided to head out on my planned 10 mile run at 6:45 am before the sun had a chance to heat things up (I probably should have run at 3 am since it was already VERY humid at 7 am). 

I planned to run a 10 mile loop I had found on starting/ending at Shipra's apartment. Besides the crosstown run on 29th street I was on bikepaths the whole way which were very pleasant. I ran by the Chelsea Piers, Staten Island Ferry, and up the East River Bikeway. Although I was a sweaty mess the whole time, I was able to take some pictures on my phone throughout the run.

This is when I realized that my 10 mile route was going to end up being more than 10 miles. Not so thrilled about that as you can see.

 Brooklyn Bridge looking mighty fine. 

 I made it! Happy to be done, and out of the sun for the time being.

Despite the high temperatures I had a great run and was able to try out my new Nathan's Hydration belt that I got for my birthday (I loved it, thanks Dad)!

Total Miles: 11
Time: 1:38
Pace: 8:54 min/mile

Happy Weekend everyone! Stay cool!

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