Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tidbits & Marathon Training Update

 Marathon Training Update:
After running 12 miles on the treadmill last Sunday I made a commitment to run most of my miles outside this week! Luckily, the temperatures have skyrocketed and I haven't set foot on a treadmill in 4 glorious days. In  typical New England weather fashion, my Monday night run was in a snowstorm, Tuesday was actually quite chilly and Wednesday felt a lot more like April than January! I am just hoping that the higher temperatures will continue through the weekend so that the 20 miler I have on tap won't require two pairs of pants, a face mask and ear muffs. says it should be 32 degrees, so I'm not crossing my fingers just yet.

Overall I feel as though this training session is going pretty well. I'm getting in lots of miles during the week, some cross training and yoga and so far my legs seem to be holding up well. I haven't been at the track as much as Drew and I were in the fall but I have been getting in plenty of speed sessions on the treadmill and have been successful running under marathon pace for some longer runs.

Anyway! I am just about a month away from the Napa Valley Marathon (eeeeeeeeeek!) and am getting more and more excited as we move into February (see ya later January you miserable, miserable month - just being honest here). I still have two 20 milers and a half marathon (Feb 24th!) to complete but I am really looking forward to the next couple of weeks, running wise.

Here's the long run schedule for the next month:
Saturday 2/2 - 20 miles
Saturday 2/10 - 2 hour run
Saturday 2/17 - 20 miles
Sunday 2/24 - Half Marathon (I'll be running this one at an easy pace)
Sunday 3/3 - Napa Valley Marathon!

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