Friday, January 25, 2013

"Great" ideas

Sometimes I like to look back through all the Googledocs I've created over the past couple of years and see what I was meaning to do/thinking about/working on at a certain time in life.

Today I found a document titled "Great Ideas". Well the title sounded promising, my one "great" idea from on this list was:

Shoes on the shelves in my closet. 

Apparently last year's self wasn't content with the nice shoe rack that currently hangs in said closet. 

And in "Life to Do List" I found this:

1. Get a dog
2. Change photos on photo wall
3. Take more pictures
4. Paint the apartment
5. Thrift

This list left me feeling pretty good considering I already accomplished 3 or 4 of these items. I guess one can always do more thrifting.

Sadly, I am not doing so well on the "Movies to Watch" list:

1. The Separation
2. The Help
3. The Descendants

Moral of the story - more thrifting, less shoes and more movie watching.

In other news! Today was the official retirement celebration for my dear momma bear.
Here she is in all her glory!
Congratulations Candy!!! You've worked so hard throughout your life and I know we are all excited to see what the next big adventure holds!

Happy weekend friends. 
I'm spending the next couple of days in Vermont basking in the post-retirement glow around our house. 

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