Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1st Annual Double, Double!

So a while back I was searching for a race to run on New Years Day (you know, to start the year off right) and happened upon this race. While jet-setting to Allen, TX was not in the cards I thought that maybe I could complete two half marathons in two days on my own (I now regret this crazy idea). Since August I've been mentioning the idea here and there to some friends/random people I meet on the streets (only kidding). Turns out, not everyone was jazzed about the idea of running a half marathon on December 31st (or the next day as well for that matter), but I still held on to this idea thinking maybeeee I would attempt it!

So at our recent running holiday gathering I mentioned it one last time and low and behold, someone else was interested! And not just one person, but TWO people! So after some last minute details, three of us met around 2:30 pm on New Years Eve to begin the journey!

Fast forward 13.1 sunny, crisp, snowy miles (and one heartbreak of a hill) and part 1 of the "First Annual Double, Double" was complete! Here are some finisher (and pre-run) photos of the group. 

After I watched (read: slept through) New Years Eve, I watched some of Carson Daly's New Years Eve Special and although I hate to admit it, was asleep before midnight (I guess running 13.1 miles will do that to you).  

After getting a solid 8 hours of sleep I woke up and thought to myself "Man. why am I doing this again?!" After an hour on the couch contemplating whether or not I really wanted to another 13.1 miles, I decided I had to at least try to complete the second half marathon, laced up my sneaks and was out the door! My plan was to run at whatever pace my legs wanted and just enjoy the 2+ hours of good old fashioned running I had ahead of me!

I opted to run a different route than half marathon #1 and headed down the southwest corridor towards the Charles River. The first couple miles were slow and tired, but after I switched my music to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons I definitely noticed a little extra pep in my step. I headed towards the MGH bridge, across to Cambridge, back up to the BU bridge, and returned to JP via the Emerald Necklace. 

(enjoying the sights from the MGH bridge)

After 10 miles I was back at Jamaica Pond and happened to run into 7 members of the Forest Hills Runners!! I joined them for the last 3.1 miles and just like that, the First Annual Double, Double was over!

I am still a little amazed that I was able to finish the second half after Monday's (and with Monday being the first time I'd run more than 10 miles since the Philly marathon). It was a very cool experience to say goodbye to one year and welcome the next with so much running, but maybe next year I'll cut the mileage down a little and have more energy for celebrating the more "traditional" way. 

Either way, it was a great experience and I am very happy I completed both runs. 

Here's to 2013 being a great year of running, relationships and life in general!

Bring it on.

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  1. What a cool idea! That is so awesome that you went ahead with the two runs, and even better that you had some company on NYE.

    Happy New Year!