Monday, December 3, 2012

Just another manic Monday.

I won't lie, today was one of those days that comes along every once in a while (usually on a Monday) and just kicks you to the curb. I think there must have been a shift in the lunar cycle or seasons, or something. I like to play the "I should have known it was going to be a bad day when..." game. My favorite responses from myself and coworkers today:

"when I left my house without my favorite scarf."
"when my phone rang at 4:45 AM with my opener calling out sick. And 15 minutes later when my phone rang again with the other clinic opener calling out."
"when I got halfway to the train and realized I didn't have my wallet and had to go back home."
"when I finally got on the train and it didn't move for 15 minutes."

So. You get the picture. 

Luckily today had a few redeeming moments. 
1. The most delicious black bean burgers in the history of the world. Made my yours truly (with a little help from Chef Drew).
2. Went to a new class at the gym. HIIT (high intensity interval training). What better way to remind myself that I've only been running for the past four months and totally neglecting my core strength and arm muscles? My glutes will be thanking me tomorrow, or maybe Wednesday if I can walk by then.
3. The Giants are currently beating the Redskins 13 - 10. It's definitely too early to call it but I feel good about going to bed at this point. 

Here's to Tuesday bringing this week back to the positive! 

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