Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I have to admit.

After a couple of less than stellar days at work I officially decided that I must be in some sort of funk. A life funk if you will. After a bit of self reflection I realized that a lot of things in my life lately have come to an end. As a result I've been left feeling a little bit lost. My weekends feel incomplete without my long slow distance runs, I no longer have class and studying to take up my evenings and am only signed up for one race in the next three months (gasp!). 

Running wise (until yesterday) I had been keeping up with the Runner's World Runstreak. I made it 19 days with a total of 71 miles since Thanksgiving. I made the decision to break the streak when I realized that the 2 and 3 mile runs I was doing seemed mentally tougher than some of my 13 and 16 milers I did during the training for Philadelphia. Since this week marks the 12 weeks to go until Marathon #2, I need to start ramping up my weekend miles. I realized that if running 2 miles seemed really hard, then maybe 10 was going to be a LOT more difficult than I would like. As a result, I quit the Runstreak yesterday. 

Even after just one day of no running, I feel 1000 times better. No guilt for quitting the Runstreak, extra pep in my step on tonight's run and I'm feeling much better about kicking this little life funk goodbye! 

Sorry for such a downer of a post. I generally try to stay very positive on this blog, but sometimes things get a little bit tough and it's important to acknowledge those difficulties as well.

Here's to the rest of 2012 being full of holiday cheer, love and better running!

(What I wore. Skirt: here Shirt: The Loft Scarf: here Boots: Rockport Watch: similar here)

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