Friday, December 28, 2012


A couple weeks ago while perusing the internet I discovered that Joseph and the amazing, technicolor dreamcoat was playing at a local theater not too far away from our house. Joseph just so happens to be one of my very favorite musicals, so after a quick calendar check and conference with Drew, I bought two tickets for last night's 7:30 performance!

I didn't do much research on the theater, or group (Turtle Lane Players), so we were going into this pretty blind. Honestly though, as long as there was going to be some singing, dancing and Elvis impersonating, I'd be happy! 

 After a short drive in some snow and sleet, we turned onto a neighborhood street in Auburndale, MA. By the looks of our surroundings we assumed we were very, very lost. Turns out, we were not! The Turtle Lane Playhouse looks just like a big house! Shocking, I know. Inside there was a small bar/restaurant area inside where we were able to enjoy a coffee while we waited for showtime.  
Being a paperless theater, all our names were listed with the host and after we checked in with her our very own usher showed us to our seats! So cool.

The show was wonderful - everything Joseph should be and much, much morrrrrre!
Newyearsresolution#1: see more musicals! 

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