Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Not Your Typical Tuesday

Some reasons why this Tuesday was anything but typical:

1. Ladies only night at FHR (unplanned of course)! We enjoyed a beautiful 4.5 miles through Franklin Park. Highlights included getting many words of encouragement from some various bystanders. They must have been super impressed with our speed, and not the fact that we were a group of six young women wearing bright colors and very tight spandex. Ha. Ha. 

Between boot camp and evening runs through Franklin Park I am constantly reminded how lucky I am to have such a beautiful area right in my back yard!

2. Thinly sliced chicken. Who knew there was such a thing? 

For dinner tonight: Corn, mustard marinated chicken, kale, rice, beans, and pepper jack cheese. Topped with some Lizano sauce all the way from Costa Rica!

3. Summer work hours! My boss let me know today that I have the option of working four 10 hour days in exchange for an extra day off for the remainder of the summer! Although I'm not looking forward to 10 hour days I have been brainstorming all the possible ways to spend that extra day. So far I'm thinking lots of beach time, hiking, running, sleeping, and reading. I. Love. Summer.

4. Vacation begins tomorrow!!!!!!!! Only 8 hours stands between me and 10 days of freedom. Caitlin will be arriving to JP on Thursday after which we will be beginning what I like to call "Jamie and Caitlin's Adventure Week"Coming to a city near you in July 2012. Get excited!

I hope you all had a fantastic Tuesday as well!

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