Tuesday, July 31, 2012

J. Brown comes to town

Ikea is a very dangerous place. I came very close to coming home with closet crafters, a stainless steel sink and 10 bags of Swedish meatballs. Luckily Jordan was there to remind me that no I did not own a home and really should put some items back. Instead, Jordan and I designed our future shared beach home room by room. If only we had some funds to make this dream a reality!

Damage done:
1 TV stand (we may have upgraded our TV just in time for the Olympics)
1 bathmat 
2 $0.99 lint rollers (a deal I couldn't refuse!)

After recovering from our Ikea adventure we hit the tennis courts by my apartment for a friendly competition. Jordan may or may not be crying in the photo below. I'll let you decide who came out on top.  

I think I'm almost ready for Rio 2016.


  1. oh gosh, ikea is a dangerous place. i just want my whole house to look like how they decorate. too perfect!
    xo TJ

  2. I LOVE ikea and LOVE tennis :)