Thursday, July 19, 2012

Great Blue Hill

Yesterday morning Caitlin and I set out towards the Blue Hills Reservation to do some hiking. This has been on my list of things to do in Boston for quite some time so I was very excited for this adventure. We read that there was a lifeguarded beach as well so we threw in our bathing suits hoping to get a quick swim in since it was almost a billion degrees out!

We set out on the North Skyline trail heading towards the summit of Great Blue Hill. The trail started out with a very steep section (our heart rates were up very quickly) and we were rewarded with some nice views of surrounding towns Quincy and Milton along the way. The trail flattened out a bit and traversed along the ridge before we hit another steep section just below the summit. After a quick climb we reached the summit of Great Blue Hill and the weather observatory (unfortunately it was closed). We took a break to catch our breath and have some snacks and then headed back down the Houghton Pond trail for some swimming!

Love me some dirt tan lines.

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