Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend wrap up

Another weekend has come and gone. Sigh.
Here's the wrap up. I apologize for the writing quality here, I am a little delirious with tiredness.

Friday PM
6 pm: Drew and Jamie both horizontal on the couch.
6:30 pm: Drew and Jamie depart home and head towards Mansfield, MA for concert (last minute ticket purchasing happened last week).
7:30 pm: Drew and Jamie stop to get Dunkin Donuts to combat extreme sleepiness in order to enjoy concert.
7:35 pm: Jamie realizes she forgot the concert tickets. Drew doesn't get mad.
7:36 pm: Drew and Jamie turn around to retrieve concert tickets from home (total extra driving time: 40 minutes)
9:00 pm: Drew and Jamie arrive at concert just in time to see Florence + the Machine take the stage. Close seats + great music = everyone forgets Jamie forgot the tickets at home.
12 am: Drew and Jamie are fast asleep following great, great concert.

Saturday AM
After a mid-week decision to register for Physics lab I found myself calculating density and volume of lead cylinders before 10 am Saturday morning. What a wake up call that was. Luckily the first week of lab wasn't too strenuous and I remembered quite a bit from Intro Physics (which I took 5 years ago, ah).

Saturday PM
My friend Monica and I played an intense match of tennis (sadly I was not the victor). After the match we walked around J.P. searching for the Revolutionary War reenactment. Unfortunately we missed the major battles and only saw a few folks still in costume.

Sunday AM 
After staying up past our bed time on Saturday night Drew and I set out for 16 miles of back country running (back country actually being Brookline, Newton, West Roxbury, and J.P). It was almost perfect running weather (sunny, blue skies, and almost cool temps), and we got to see a lot of big houses, cemeteries, and woods. Towards the end of our run we accidentally ended up running alongside a 5K (whoops)! The volunteers were kind enough to offer us water and we got to enjoy car-free roads for a mile or so. My legs felt alright but I'm still wondering how I'm going to run 10+ miles on top of what I did this morning. Next week is a step down week, plus Bike the Hub on Sunday!

And finally, the one good Florence + the Machine Android photo I took (I apologize for the low quality, also forgot my camera in the ticket fiasco).

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