Friday, September 21, 2012

So I know this guy.

Meet Elvis. I met him in 2010 when I traveled to Tanzania to study abroad. In January of this year, Elvis embarked on an around-the-world bike trip (which he estimates will take him just over two years). His mission: to raise funds to support education of Tanzanian students studying wildlife conservation. He hopes to raise enough money to fund ten one-year conservation scholarships. He hopes to create more opportunities for Tanzanians to become educated in managing their own natural resources. 

I was lucky enough to host Elvis for his final two nights on the east coast this week. Elvis shared some incredible stories from the first nine months of his journey; he's experienced quite a lot so far (I cannot wait to hear all about his journey across Siberia next year)!

Check out Elvis's journey over at Chile to Kili, or his facebook page over here.

To top off a great visit I also got to see my good friend Eric for a hot second after he made a hefty drive to see Elvis!

On another note - have a great weekend! Candy and George are coming to Boston for Bike the Hub this weekend which should be a grand ole time. I'm quite excited for some cycling down Storrow Drive (although I'm sure my bottom will feel differently on Monday after 35 miles in the saddle).


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