Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So I may be late to the Macklemore party but this song is currently my self proclaimed "song of the week."

Please excuse my short lack of posting this week. Turns out it's finals week for me. I just wish someone had mentioned this to me a little earlier! Thanks Universe for that one.

Instead of doing fun and exciting things I'll be writing physics lab reports, attending make-up lab sessions and taking organic chemistry finals. I know, I know, you're very jealous, but honestly, who wouldn't be?

Do not fear, I am still fitting in some fun this week. And by fun, I mean keeping up with the Runner's World Holiday Run Streak


  1. Hey Fionnuala! I'm currently taking some post-bac classes at Northeastern University. I'm planning to apply to medical school in the next couple of years so working on completing all the pre-reqs I missed in undergrad (kicking myself now!) It's definitely an uphill battle but will be worth it in the long run!