Friday, February 8, 2013


The much anticipated blizzard has arrived! Winds are picking up, snow has been falling for a couple of hours now and there is a driving ban in effect as of 4 pm today. While I was very excited for the early dismissal from work today, I am not looking forward to shoveling 2 - 3 feet of snow tomorrow.

After a slight anxiety attack that we weren't going to have enough snacks to last us the weekend, I ran over to the corner store and bought all the chips, salsa, cheese, Annie's, frozen pizza and waffles I could find. A few too many dollars later and I am feeling a little bit better about the possibility of being cutoff for the next couple of days. The only question now is how I am going to run a "half marathon race" in 2 feet of snow tomorow!? There is a very strong chance that I will end up swapping that for a shorter treadmill run in the morning. I am pretty sure that a couple of hard miles + some solid hours of shoveling = half marathon race. Right?

Happy blizzarding all, stay safe!

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