Saturday, January 4, 2014


If you live anywhere in the Northeast you are aware that winter has come at us pretty hard these last couple of weeks. From ice storms to double digit negatives, life has been quite cold

^^Lake Champlain - white caps and windy, what more could you want.

^^Snow on the inside of the car? Eh, just a daily thing around here.

^^Anyone up for a Skinny Dip?

The cold is not all that bad.
I have been trying to keep the complaints to a minimum and instead finding funny/humorous moments hidden inside this vast tundra.

Here are some of my tips for surviving this icy temps:

1. Celebrate the New Year by dressing up as a bear. 

2. Invite friends up from Boston to run ridiculous amounts of miles and wear matching shirts and funny hats.

3. Dress up like a ninja to run on the snow packed bike path. 

4. Schedule extra snuggle time with your sister and cat. Sweatpants required. 

5. Convince 10 of your friends to run a half marathon on New Years Eve. Fireworks provided.

On another note, one of my New Years goals (because that's what I've been calling them) is to blog more. 

Here's to a solid 2014. 

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